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 Repeating Rounds on CTWF. 
Crazy Tronner
Server Tech
Honorary Member
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Field's place: sweeper
Grid Name: ct-eddie
GID: ed@ct/jedi
CT Wild Fort Rank: na
Joined: 22 Mar 2006
Posts: 1X9362493 Posts
Location: Wales, UK
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As discussed on another topic nearby. We've now made some changes to the map rotation script on CTWF.

When a map is played it is marked (on the database) as "played". When all maps on that round are played, all "played" marks on maps on that round are removed and it starts over.
So, you wont get the same maps popping up round after round. Well, you might see a map twice in a row, but only if it comes up at the end of one cylce and beginning of another.

There are now 2 override options for testing purposes only.

override: if a map is marked with this, when it's round comes it will be played time after time.
total_override: If this is marked, the map will take total priority regardless of what round it is.

If you see this going on it means we're testing something.

If you notice any strange goings on, please let us know.
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Map Maker (Amount: 1)
CT Rank: Not a CTer
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GID: wrtlprnft@ct/public
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Joined: 06 Oct 2006
Posts: 5Q36206 Posts
Location: 0x08048000
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New feature: a force once link on the interface. This forces the map to be played the next time its round is started, but only once.
All it really does is set the played field of all maps in that round to 1 except for the map you want to have forced Smile

Want to know how addicted you are? Here's the answer!

I hacked!
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