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 Links and Classification of Other Armagetron Clans 
Crazy Tronner
Server Manager
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Field's place: support
Grid Name: ct$1
GID: sol@ct/jedi
CT Wild Fort Rank: na
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Reply with quote
This list is NOT up to date.
this will be fixed in CT2 hopefully

Some information about other clans since we get a lot of questions regarding "who else is out there" Wink

New info? Add a clan? Missed anything? Please go to Crazy Tronners Round Table and post a message Smile

Here's another list that shows who else is out there. It's more up to date but until now just active clans are listed.

For a more complex list read the following below:

I try to distinguish clans into these groups:
    Arrow active - brimming over with life and still kicking asses!
    Arrow questionable - it's quite shady and slightly suspect, what's going on?!
    Arrow dead - became disorganized, came apart, terminated, R.I.P...

Active Clans

    tag: ~|DS|~
    type: fortress / high rubber
    formation: 1. October 2005
    comments: split off from ~*SpeederS*~
Eclipse'd.ED|dImmortal DynastyLegendary ClanMicroBus CityRenegades~*SpeederS*~Tronners Under the InfluenceTurboUpzWall Tigers Rebornצ Clan
    tag: צ
    type: fortress / sumo
    formation: Late November 2006
    comments: Formed from a small group of players from AST (Alex, Hoax, Fofo) after that died, along with Infamous and $ubzero after SL and LoD also both died.
~"XzL. Accel
Questionable Clans

Problem: There are several groups playing on Durka Durka Land. It's unsure if they really are clans. Have a look at the definition of "clan".

Element[Hg] (?)
    tag: [Hg]
    type: ?
    formation: ?
    homepage: ?
    comments: --
MEC (?)
    tag: -=[MEC]
    type: ?
    formation: ?
    homepage: ?
    comments: --
    tag: {Super}
    type: fortress / rubber
    formation: ?
    comments: Like TuI this isn't a clan but a tournament battle formation

Dead Clans

All Star Tronners ClanGlobal Players
    tag: ~{GP}~
    type: ?
    formation: ?
    comments: Died, had a rebirth and died again. Alien built the clan up again but members soon left one by one.
Lords of DestructionLots of LoveStealth ClanSL (?)We Pwn Noobs

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