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 The Ladder 
CT Rank: Not a CTer
Field's place:
Grid Name: |x| Legit
GID: Not working
CT Wild Fort Rank: na
Joined: 11 Aug 2006
Posts: 6X36249 Posts
Location: Arizona, US
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Ok, im trying to start something new and fun so you must read all of this to play.


1. This is a fortress game competing against 2 teams that can be played 2vs2-6vs6
2. You can also challenge people to a 1 vs 1 match but then report your loss through a system on the site. (all matches are best of 3.)
3. A TD or me must be there to run the tournament unless your having a 1vs1 match.
4. You will see when matches will be played on the tourney calendar.
5. You must sign up on the ladder before you can play, for various reasons.
6. Spectators will be allowed waiting for the next tournament which could happen 5 minutes later after a team has won if a head admin or TD sets up another tournament after the previous one.
7. The first to join the next tournament will be in, so sign up fast if you want to play (includes spectators).
8. Times will be shown when a tournament is being played also at the tourney calendar.
9. When you win you must say whether what team won and lost (example: hungryhippos////uglyduckling) Winners are always in front, this is incase a td is away when the match is over.
10. You must also post the matches won, such as: 2-1 or 2-0.
11. When you win or lose your stats will be updated immediately when the tournament is over, you also get (fake) bux, you must win to get these bux and these bux lets you play tournaments but if you dont have enough to play ask an admin to gift you some.
12. Be nice, and have good sportmanship.
13. If you buy a premium or diamond membership you get extra bux if you win then a person who dosnt have it, and this is a free tournament unless you decide to buy the premium or diamond membership which will only get you more bux if you win and more features.
14. You must sign up with your tron name on the ladder or you wont be playing.
15. There will be team captains and each will have a team name, it dosnt have to be a clan, which you have to create to play. This will be your permanent team, and your team captain must approve you on there team and add you. Your team captain must add you to there list to join it, but also if you dont want on that team anymore ask your team captain to withdraw you, and you can join another. Also you must be on a team to play in tournaments unless your in a 1vs1 match.
16. Whoever runs a tournament is not allowed to play in the tournament.
17. Im hoping the server I get is fair for all players.
18. Anyone can join, rubber players etc...
19. No more then 1 account per person is allowed.
20. Unfortunately winzones will be allowed.
21. All tournaments will be played in a server called The Ladder League Fortress.
22. Before joining a tournament you must have enough players before registering it in a tournament. It will be listed on the tourney calendar if its a 2vs2 match or 3vs3 etc...
23. Tournaments will be started Saturday April 7th.
24. Start getting your teams ready now to start playin on the date all this starts.
24. Have fun!


1. I will need a couple of admins to run tournaments as well when im not there, and i can train you how to be a td. You can apply here:

2. It would also be good to have another head admin, someone that can edit the front page, logos and make it look better, and also run tournaments. Ask me to become this.


How to signup: Go to and on the top left hand side under Getting Started there is free sign up.

How to report a loss from a 1vs1 match: Go to on the left side under The Ladder there is report a loss.

View tournaments, times, dates, and to register for a tournament: Go to the main website and on the left hand side under Tournaments click on the tourney calendar and it tells the time, date, where its at, if its a 2v2 or 5vs5 match etc... When you click the yellow letters a link will pop up there and you can register for that tournament there.

How to add your team in a tournament: Click on the tournament you want to join in the tourney calendar (make sure its the right one), and click the register button and if your team is listed in the box just click join a team then select your team and fill out the other info and register to join. But if your team isnt listed then leave it at start a team and fill out info and register and your team your on will now be listed.

Other cool stuff:

There will be a special tournament hosted every month called Tournament of Champions. Basically teams who have won tournaments will be playing in this, people who havent won a tournement will not play, and much more.

If you want to change your screename on the ladder you can do so and it will still keep all your wins, losses, and bux. On the main site on the left scroll down to Account and click my account to edit information.

There is also a forum, you should already be registered if you registered at free sign up already, and post all you want here:

To view yours, and others bux you can click on the Tournaments tab on the left of the main site then click tournament ladderbux log.

To view all your wins and losses and what rank you are: You can go to the main site on the left under The Ladder and click on standings. In a 1vs1 match you can use this to see if the loser of your game reported there match in the system by displaying "Todays last 50 matches" and it will show if Idol beats Hero in a match also whoever loses is the person to report the match, the winner will never report in the system in a 1vs1 match only.

How to create a team: On the main website on the left, under team functions click on sign up team.

How to join a team: Your team captain will have to add you to there team by going to team editor under Team Functions.

You can contact me for any other information through the main site on the left side there is Support and contact admin, to contact me for any other questions and information.
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CT Rank: Not a CTer
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GID: Not working
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
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Location: Bakersfield, Ca
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Too much to read, anyone want to summarize this for me? Wink

'Deen Foxx (Wargasm)
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CT Rank: Not a CTer
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GID: Not working
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Joined: 23 Sep 2006
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tourney system thing, register on second link above, and go to other link, to register wins/losses
i think, basically u have some1 (or u) organize tourney, and u enter, 2-2, 6-6, or 1-1, then u say wins/losses out of 3, and it keeps a running tslly

/me speaks Americanish
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CT Rank: Not a CTer
Field's place:
Grid Name: |x| Legit
GID: Not working
CT Wild Fort Rank: na
Joined: 11 Aug 2006
Posts: 6X36249 Posts
Location: Arizona, US
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well the only reason to read it all is because it kinda teaches you how to work things and solves most asked questions.
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