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Settings - Authentication, etc

RENAME_ENABLED <1> [<player>]

set (the default value and all players flags) or a specific player flag. default value is 1.

RENAME_PLAYER <player> <newname>

to rename the player from script


force a player to spectator mode immediately. means the player is also killed if he's in the game.

LOGIN_REQUIRED <1> [<player>]

set (the default value and all players flags) or a specific player flag . default value is 0. OBSOLETE.

ALLOW_PLAYER_TO_JOIN player_name 1|0

set the player flag to allow him join the game


set the flag for the selected player


set the default value for player joining the server


to set the default flag for player joining the server. if 0, players can't rename ...


set the default value + all players flags

Special Settings for Target Zone


default: -1. -1 means no limit. A positive value means the zone will collapse alone after n sec even if no one conquers it.


default: 10. value <=0 means no limit. a positive value means the zone will remains n sec before collapsing after the first player enter the zone.


default: 10. means the first player will win 10 pts.


default: 2. means the score for next player will be decrease by 2. second player will get 8 pts, 3rd 6 pts ...


default: 1. means the last target conquest declare winner (first player entering the last target zone is the winner) So if you want infinite zone, just to catch the enter/left message, just set them to -1, -1, 0, 0, 0 ... and here it is, you have a switch in your map !

SET_TARGET_COMMAND <objectid> [mode] <event> <command>

Bind a command to a target zone. The command can be any valid command as written in the console.

objectid - is zone's name or game object id

Mode - is "new" or "add". "new" will override previous command. "add" will hmmm, add :) the new command to previous ones. In this case, command will be executed in the corresponding order.

event - is "onenter" or "onvanish". Set if the command will be executed when a player enter the zone or when the zone vanish

Command - is any valid command as for the console.


SET_TARGET_COMMAND zone_1 onenter kill player_1       # Defaults to new w/o defining a mode, adding new will mess it up
SET_TARGET_COMMAND zone_1 add onenter kill player_2   # adds another command to the zone

Special Settings for Influencing Zones

Spawn Zone

The ability to spawn all different types of zones via the command line or a script.
Zones no longer need to be specified in the map and can be spawned either via the console using /admin SPAWN_ZONE ... or using a script.

Possible types:

win - As soon as a player touches the zone he/his team win the round immediately.
death - Touch the zone you die.
ball - acts like a hockey puck, the should be some kind of goal you need to aim for. In the shape of a fortress zone. 
flag - you can pick up a flag, it will stick to you for a specified period. Take it back to your base in ctf.
fortress - capture the enemies fortress/s and protect your own.
zombie - I deathzone that is locked onto a player. Sometimes you can shoot them and get rid of them.
target - can be used as a trigger for your script for many uses. A race checkpoint perhaps, or a deathzone generator.
 SPAWN_ZONE <win|death|ball|target|blast|koh> <x> <y> <size> <growth> <xdir> <ydir> <interactive> <r> <g> <b> <target_size>
 SPAWN_ZONE rubber <x> <y> <size> <growth> <xdir> <ydir> <rubber> <interactive> <r> <g> <b> <target_size>
 SPAWN_ZONE <fortress|flag|deathTeam|ballTeam> < <team> <x> <y> <size> <growth> <xdir> <ydir> <interactive> <r> <g> <b> <target_size>
 SPAWN_ZONE sumo <x> <y> <size> <growth> <xdir> <ydir> <interactive> <r> <g> <b> <target_size>
 SPAWN_ZONE zombie <player> <x> <y> <size> <growth> <xdir> <ydir> <interactive> <r> <g> <b> <target_size>
 SPAWN_ZONE zombieOwner <player> <owner> <x> <y> <size> <growth> <xdir> <ydir> <interactive> <r> <g> <b> <target_size>
 SPAWN_ZONE teleport <x> <y> <size> <growth> <dirx> <diry> <xdest> <ydest> <rel|abs|cycle> <xdirdest> <ydirdest> <relocation_factor><interactive> <r> <g> <b> <target_size>
Instead of <x> <y> one can write: L <x1> <y1> <x2> <y2> [...] Z
This will allow you to have the zone follow a set path. It will continue to use the same initial speed.

optional: if you want to give zones a name you can include:
SPAWN_ZONE n zone_name TARGET .....

If you give more than one zone the same name you can influence all zones of the same name simultaneously.

Abbreviations Explained

x - The x position of the zone

y - The y position of the zone

size - The radius for the zone

growth - The growth or shrink(if negative) rate for the zone

xdir - The x Direction for the zone to travel

ydir - The y Direction for the zone to travel

xdest - The x Destination for the player (teleport zone)

ydest - The y Destination for the player (teleport zone)

interactive - true or False, should zones bounce off walls or die when they get to walls?

rel|abs|cycle - rel and abs are relative or absolute using the map basis. cycle is relative using the cycle basis. it means 100 10 is a jump of 100 forward then 10 left (as trigonometric angles, left is +, right is -). This is to be understand before any direction change. that means depending of the direction you entering the zone, you are teleported in a different direction Smile Default value is rel.

xdirdest - The x Direction of the player 0 keeps keeps current direction (teleport zone)

ydirdest - The y Direction of the player 0 keeps keeps current direction (teleport zone)

relocation_factor - is to activate (1) or deactivate (0) the relocation to make you leave a zone of the same size at destination. Not sure I'm really clear on this point. I put 0 or 1 cause you can actually use 0.5 for example. Not sure this one works 100% well but it seems to have the expected impact on my comp. Default value is 1.

r - The red color component for a zone 0-15

g - The Green color component for a zone 0-15

b - The Blue color component for a zone 0-15

target_size - larges or smallest size for the zone to grow or shrink to

team - Escaped team name IE team_blue for Team Blue (no_team for closest to zone)

player - escaped player name IE player_1 for Player 1


win - This spawns a winzone

death - this spawns a deathzone

ball - this spawns a ball(for styball)

ballTeam - this spawns a ball(for dodge ball) (team specific)

blast - Creates a blast inside of the zone removing players cycle walls

deathTeam - Death zone designed to only effect 1 team

koh - King of the hill zone

fortress - this spawns a fortress zone

flag - this spawns a flag zone for CTF

rubber - this spawns a rubber zone that can replenish or take away from a players rubber

sumo - this spawns a Fortress zones for all the teams

target - this spawns a target zone

teleport - this spawns a zone to teleport a player

zombie - This spawns a Deathzone following a player

zombieOwner - this spawns a Zombie zones that is owned by 1 player but follows another


<team> must be the team name or anything else if you want to ignore the param. It is mandatory for flag and fortress type. If you spell it incorrectly, it links the zone to the closest player team(default behavior).

cordinates (x,y)

<pos_x>, <pos_y>, self explanatory. Of course it depends of the map


<size> is the radius of the zone


<growth> is the growing factor of the zone.


<dir_x>, <dir_y> is the speed vector, to make the zone move all alone Wink


<bouncing_flag> is a boolean. true or false (still case sensitive). If true, it makes the zone bounce on the rim walls


<red>, <green>, <blue> are the colour component for the zone between 0 and 15. If not specified, it will be white. If the zone is linked to a team, the color will be the team color whatever you set here.


spawn_zone death 200 300 10 0.5 0 30 true 0 0 15 20

This would spawn a death zone with the following attributes...

coordinate x=200, y=300
size radius=10
speed along x=0
speed along y=30
It will bounce of walls
max radius it will grow to=20

Allow you to set a new position for a zone or group of zones, relative to its current

spawn_zone n group1 target 100 100 10
spawn_zone n group1 target 100 200 10
spawn_zone n group1 target 100 300 10
set_zone_position group1 50 0 50 50 0 50 0 0

will make the 3 zones describe a square.

The speed is fixed by the first move : it will be done in 1s. So if you try

set_zone_position zoneA 100 0 100 100 0 100 0 0
set_zone_position zoneA 50 0 100 0 100 100 0 100 0 0

the 2 cases describe the same square but the 2nd one will be 2 times slower

this is a route using spawn_zone functionality so :

set_zone_position zoneA 100 100

will move the zone to 100,100 then back to it original location.
To stop it, I've made the route to stop if 2 points next to each other are identical. so:

set_zone_position zoneA 100 100 100 100

will stop the zone at the desired location(100,100).


kill the specified zone or group of zones.

SET_ZONE_POSITION <zone> <x> <y>

SET_ZONE_RADIUS <zone> <radius> <growth_rate>

Change the radius and growth rate of zone or group of zones.

Universal Settings available


default is false set it to 1 and the server stop at the end of the round and wait for the script to turn this setting back to 0 ...
Make sure you have it under control by your script, or it will render your server unusable.
it can be useful in many cases :

  • map rotation/mode rotation at the end so we know if round was win or draw
  • preparing the next map for race script so the script is not impacting the game (it use to be the case for race to winzone on marathon)
  • updating the ladder
  • sending messages to users


Default 100000. Unlike CYCLE_SPEED_MIN, which is "Minimal speed of your cycle, measured relative to CYCLE_SPEED". This is an int which is the actual maximum speed of your cycle. Things get ugly if you set CYCLE_SPEED_MAX < CYCLE_SPEED, but then they would.

RESPAWN_PLAYER <playername> <messageflag> <posx> <posy> <dirx> <diry>

playername - name of the player to be respawned

messageflag - should the message be displayed

posx | posy - position of the spawn point

dirx | diry - direction of driving


DELAY_COMMAND [r<delay>] [+]<time> <string>

the command can be used like any other map settings. The idea is to help handling mayhem like staging, or onslaught/flower power like scripts...

  • the optional r<delay> allows repetitive commands, every delay seconds
  • the optional + means relative to current game time.
  • time might be negative too but in this case (or without the +), it's absolute time.

Examples :

DELAY_COMMAND +3 say hello! 
throw the say hello! command 3 sec later. 

DELAY_COMMAND -1 spawn_zone ... 
spawn a zone at game time -1 

DELAY_COMMAND 30 center_message Stage 2 
send a center message "Stage 2" at game time 30

DELAY_COMMAND r10 +3 Say hello 
will result in "Admin: Hello" every ten seconds starting in 3 seconds(from time said) 

DELAY_COMMAND r10 30 Say hello 
starting at 30 seconds and every 10 seconds after it says "Admin: Hello"

More complex example :

DELAY_COMMAND -1 SPAWN_ZONE n pulse death 250 250 10

this one spawn a zone in the center of standard squared map (500x500) and make it pulses from 10 to 30 to 10 radius every 8 seconds... (not tested but it should work)

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