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Settings Accessible via console/script only - not settings_dedicated.cfg or similar config file.


The ability to spawn all different types of zones via the command line or a script.
See the SPAWN_ZONE page for details.

RENAME_ENABLED <1> [<player>]

set (the default value and all players flags) or a specific player flag. default value is 1.

RENAME_PLAYER <player> <newname>

to rename the player from script


force a player to spectator mode immediately. means the player is also killed if he's in the game

LOGIN_REQUIRED <1> [<player>]

set (the default value and all players flags) or a specific player flag . default value is 0.


set the default value for player joining the server

ALLOW_PLAYER_TO_JOIN player_name 1|0

set the player flag to allow him join the game


set the flag for the selected player

Settings available to config files (and console/script)


default is false set it to 1 and the server stop at the end of the round and wait for the script to turn this setting back to 0 ...
Make sure you have it under control by your script, or it will render your server unusable.
it can be useful in many cases : - map rotation/mode rotation at the end so we know if round was win or draw - preparing the next map for race script so the script is not impacting the game (it use to be the case for race to winzone on marathon) - updating the ladder - sending messages to users


Default 100000. Unlike CYCLE_SPEED_MIN, which is "Minimal speed of your cycle, measured relative to CYCLE_SPEED". This is an int which is the actual maximum speed of your cycle. Things get ugly if you set CYCLE_SPEED_MAX < CYCLE_SPEED, but then they would.


to set the default flag for player joining the server. if 0, players can't rename ...


set the default value + all players flags

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