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Most Common Settings

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All Settings

  • Cycle Speed Settings
CYCLE_SPEEDbasic cycle speed (m/s)
CYCLE_SPEED_MINminimal cycle speed as ratio to CYCLE_SPEED
CYCLE_SPEED_DECAY_BELOWrate of cycle speed approaching the value of CYCLE_SPEED from below
CYCLE_SPEED_DECAY_ABOVErate of cycle speed approaching the value of CYCLE_SPEED from above
CYCLE_START_SPEEDspeed at startup
CYCLE_ACCELwall acceleration multiplicator
CYCLE_ACCEL_SELFmultiplicator to CYCLE_ACCEL for your own wall
CYCLE_ACCEL_TEAMmultiplicator to CYCLE_ACCEL for your temmates' walls
CYCLE_ACCEL_ENEMYmultiplicator to CYCLE_ACCEL for your enemies' walls
CYCLE_ACCEL_RIMmultiplicator to CYCLE_ACCEL for the rim walls
CYCLE_ACCEL_SLINGSHOTmultiplicator to CYCLE_ACCEL if you're between your wall and another wall

  • Cycle Rubber Settings

  • Win/deathzone Settings
WIN_ZONE_DEATHSSet for one to make the winzone a deathzone
WIN_ZONE_INITIAL_SIZEThe original radius of the win/deathzone in metres
WIN_ZONE_EXPANSIONRate (in m/s) that the winzone expands
WIN_ZONE_RANDOMNESSSet to 1 for a random win/deathzone location, and 0 for a win/deathzone fixed in the centre

  • Fortress Settings (Paramount for CT Wild levels)
<td width="120"FORTESS_CONQUERED_KILL_MIN</td><td width="480">Dunno this one</td> </table>
  • Misc Settings
FORTRESS_CONQUEST_RATERate at which a fortress is conquered per player in that fortress
FORTRESS_DEFEND_RATEThe rate at which the fortress zone recovers/defends for each defender inside that zone
FORTRESS_DECAY_RATEThe rate at which the fortress zone recovers if no-one is inside
CYCLE_WALL_LENGTHThe length of the tail that comes from the back of the cycle
ALLOW_TEAM_NAME_COLORAllow the teams to be named after a colour
ALLOW_TEAM_NAME_PLAYERAllow the teams to be named after a current player's name
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