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Instructions comming...



Code taken from your map Remember bolded items you set.

<Resource type="aamap" name="name" version="0.0.0" author="author"

Paths of where this map must be saved.

Remember bolded items you set in the map.

Remember to use the exact case that you have it in your map.

  • Linux - /usr/share/games/armagetronad/resource/included/author/category
  • Windows - C:\Program Files\Armagetron Advanced\resource\included\author\category
  • Mac OS X - Armagetron

What do I need to title it

you simply save it as

for this one it would be


Configuring it

For this you will need to edit settings.cfg

Location of settings.cfg

  • Windows - C:\Program Files\Armagetron Advanced\config\settings.cfg

I am unsure on this

  • Mac OS X - Armagetron
  • Linux - /usr/share/games/armagetronad/config/settings.cfg

What do i change in settings.cfg

Code taken from settings.cfg starting on line 28 going to 40

#MAP_FILE   Your_mom/clever/repeat-0.3.2.aamap.xml    # square with obstacles

#MAP_FILE   Your_mom/clever/inaktek-0.7.2.aamap.xml   # octagon with obstacles
#ARENA_AXES 8                                         # set automatically by map to this value

#MAP_FILE   Luke-Jr/HexaTRON/HexaTRON-0.4.3.aamap.xml # hexagonal flower
#ARENA_AXES 6                                         # set automatically by map to this value

#MAP_FILE   Anonymous/polygon/regular/40-gon-0.1.1.aamap.xml   # almost circular
#MAP_FILE   Anonymous/polygon/regular/diamond-1.0.2.aamap.xml  # like the square, but corners cut off

#MAP_FILE   Z-Man/fortress/zonetest-0.1.0.aamap.xml            # test map for fortress zones
#MAP_FILE   Z-Man/fortress/for_old_clients-0.1.0.aamap.xml     # fortress map compatible with older clients

in this code all you need to add is Remember all Bold are Set in yuor map file.

MAP_FILE   author/category/name-version.type.xml

Tron Time

Now its time to play Armagetron Advanced locally. If you have saved it wrong or the path you put is incorrect it will tell you.

If your settings or Code is wrong it will also tell you a line number.

If you are Playing your map then You successfully completed this task.


Map Making

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