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Basic terms

From time to time players may use language that you do not understand. This is a glossary of the most comon jargon used by more experienced players of the game.

Break(Split): Go outward away from the center. It's better to do this before a clash happens. Outsides should split a little earlier so that inner teammates have space to go.

Brake: Press "V" unless you actually know how to configure the keyboard settings.

Grind: Go up next to the centers trail and grind. "grind" means: if you drive close parrallel to a tail you become faster. if you overturn the one you are grinding on, (s)he gets speed too. this way you speed each other up. many grinders add their speed to VERRRY fast.

Zone: The coloured spinning thing. Red is Death. Green is win. Team colours are fortress.

TK: Killing someone of your own team. Doesn't make them happy.

Def: Short for "defense" - the (at least) one who makes sure that noone conquers the team zone.

Shuffle: You can change your start position. with chatting "/shuffle" you get ouside. with chatting "/shuffle +1" you move one position to outside, with "/shuffle -1" one position towards the center. Other numbers work too. Allways watch for def: usually (s)he needs to be on farest outside to build up defense.

Game play Lessons

  • Never break out inside of the Zone unless instructed to do so
  • Always grind center unless Chico invert Brake maps, Chico time or instructed not to
  • Always listen to players who are better then you, especially if more then one of them agree with that player
  • DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT split earlier then told to, as this will usually cause Tking
  • Generally DO NOT turn in front of teammates grinding your wall
  • Stay in your zone in sumo levels EVER and push your opponents out of the zone
  • If you are having trouble at the start (i.e. you are in the middle of all of the players and keep on getting tked) then type /shuffle into the chat (remember the /)

Types of maps

  • Basic
  • HEX
  • OCTA
  • CHICO(invert Brake)
  • CHICO(Normal Brake)
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