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Basic terms

Break(Split): Go outward away from the center.

Brake: Press "V" unless you actually know how to configure the keyboard settings.

Grind: Go up next to the centers trail and grind.

Zone: The coloured spinning thing. Red is Death. Green is win. Team colours are fortress.

Game play Lessons

  • Never break out inside of the Zone unless instructed to do so
  • Always grind center unless Chico invert Brake maps, Chico time or instructed not to
  • Always listen to players who are better then you, especially if more then one of them agree with that player
  • DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT split earlier then told to, as this will usually cause Tking
  • If you are having trouble at the start (i.e. you are in the middle of all of the players and keep on getting tked) then type /shuffle into the chat (remember the /)

Types of maps

  • Basic
  • HEX
  • OCTA
  • CHICO(invert Brake)
  • CHICO(Normal Brake)
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