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This place is dedicated to trying to document the hacks that have been done to Armagetron Advanced.
Groundpig started it all off with his hacks that included shooting, zombies, styball and capture the Flag.
We have built upon his work adding the ability to produce decent ladders, on the fly zone spawning, extra log files and many more.
This is the version of armagetron that runs Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress.


This source has sample tables, scripts and the code for you to compile. Download here


Extra settings that have been added The ability to spawn/collape/move/resize zones, either via the console or script.


edlog.txt. The additional log file written to by the server. Give lots of extra information. To be read by a script to do all sorts of wonderful things.

Running a Server

So, what can I actually do with it?


To merge features of Armahacktron back into the main armagetron repository (at LINK CT_voodoo and [] created this feature list. The list also contains actions to be taken for each feature. If we missed a feature or you think the feature should go to another branch. Please correct the information here.

the extra features are :

new zone interaction code DESC Files Affected? ACTION? Target?
target zone DESC Files Affected? STABLE INTEGRATE Target?
blast zone DESC Files Affected? ACTION? Target?
authentification DESC Files Affected? REPLACE FEATURE not needed
edlog DESC Files Affected? MERGE with ladderlog JODA:arma
/cmd DESC Files Affected? ACTION? Target?
Experimental AI Control DESC Files Affected? ACTION? Target?

Goal: Add Links or short descriptions to each feature. Possible Target? branches are general feature/"bug fix" goes to arma, styball related to styball, all others to CT branch (which will probably be a styball subbranch).

Currently voodoo is working on gWinzone, while is working on merging ePlayer and eTeam.

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