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Map Maker (Amount: 1)
CT Rank: Not a CTer
Field's place:
Grid Name: syllabear
GID: syllabear@ct/public
CT Wild Fort Rank: na
Joined: 14 May 2006
Posts: 16F361527 Posts
Location: UK
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lol thats so pathetically false its not even funny!

there is know WAY that it will work, think about how BIG the earth is and how much MORE it weighs than u! like iron core in the centre (iron is denser then humans) probably weighs more then all of the humans in the world (cos poor ppl are thin - cruel but true, but mabye cos americans are so FAT then it counters?), and therefore we couldnt even move the iron core if there was no world.

few years back when i was living in england (im british remember?) all of the schools tried to get something on the seismograph, and LOADS of people jumped (sigh, what idiots, i was better at maths then my year 6 teacher Laughing) they thought it would have an effect. none detected.

when is the next jump? Rofl
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Ladle, 2x (Amount: 1)
CT Rank: Not a CTer
Field's place: def-sweep
Grid Name: ct|SeBoL158
GID: sebol158@ct/public
CT Wild Fort Rank: na
Joined: 25 Jun 2006
Posts: 1B3361695 Posts
Location: gryfino
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that`s no maths but physics:P and we do know that wont work if that could work we could change our orbit by atomic bomb not by jumping Very Happy but it wasy funny ;p

=========================== come here and check the results and where is poland ;D we have a lot of jumpers ;D
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