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 CT Ladle Winners 
Crazy Tronner
Senior Member
1st rank (Amount: 1) Bowl x2 Winner (Amount: 1) defender, 3rd rank (Amount: 1) Fortress Cafe Tournament 1 Winner (Amount: 1)
Ladle, 10x (Amount: 1) Ladle, 3x (Amount: 1)
CT Rank: 1
Field's place:
Grid Name: CtxWoned
GID: owned@ct/senior
CT Wild Fort Rank: na
Joined: 09 Feb 2007
Posts: 3QZ364859 Posts
Location: USA
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This post lists all the players who played on a Crazy Tronners ladle winning team.

Winners by ladle:

Ladle 16: Woned, Emmy, Eddie, Sebol, K-Yo, Emphasis, Safariskater, Punk, Ady-Lucifer

Ladle 20: Emmy, Puuquie, Sebol, Woned, Emphasis, Gonzap, Safariskater

Ladle 25: Emphasis, Woned, Emmy, Kyle, K-yo, Beer, Safariskater, Ady-Lucifer, Tadd

Ladle 32: Emmy, Gonzap, Woned, Xyron, Puuquie, K-yo, Beer

Ladle 37: Gonzap, Woned, Emmy, Wap, Xyron, Pike, Beer, Dreadlord, Emphasis, Puuquie

Ladle 39: Emmy, Gonzap, Pike, Puuquie, Woned, Xyron, Beer

Ladle 40: Emmy, Woned, Gonzap, Beer, Pike, Xyron, Wap

Ladle 42: Woned, Emmy, Gonzap, Xyron, Dreadlord, Appa, Wap, Beer, Safa

Ladle 53: Woned, Gonzap, Beer, Wap, Mb53, Cronix, Gazelle

Ladle 71: Gonzap, Beer, J-Dawgg, Pike, Orly?, Wap, Acid, Cookie, Vinny, Woned, Over

Ladle 72: Gonzap, Beer, J-Dawgg, Woned, Wap, Acid, Safari, Cronix

Ladle 80: Woned, Gonzap, Beer, J-Dawgg, Wap, Plee, Nub, Soska

Ladle 88: Woned, Nub, Cookie, Pike, Acid, Jericho, Lightning

Ladle count:

Current Cters:
Woned: 13
Gonzap: 10
B3er: 10
Emmy: 8
Wap: 7
Safariskater: 5
Pike: 5
Empha: 4
Puuquie: 4
K-yo: 3
J-Dawgg: 3
Acid: 3
Cronix: 2
Cookie: 2
Nub: 2
Eddie: 1
Kyle: 1
Tadd: 1
MB53: 1
Orly?: 1
Vinny: 1
Plee: 1
Soska: 1
Lightning: 1

Xyron: 5
Ady-Lucifer: 2
Sebol: 2
Dreadlord: 2
Punk: 1
Appa: 1
Gazelle: 1

Over: 1
Jericho: 1

The C in CT stands for "crazy". And in our forum I think 1/4 of our posts are ironic, funny, offtopic or to piss someone off.
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