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How does "Custom Commands" work?

It's easy! Commands start with /cmd prefix. Then you type the command with eventual arguments.
Let's take a look at few examples.

Server will help you If you send unknown command.
command listing
Some commands are available only for admins (dns or akick).
You can use:

SL - Server List

server list
No arguments. Simply lists online servers with players.

SI - Server Info

server information
The argument is a part of the server name you look for, i.e. "wild fort".

LS - Last Seen

last seen niro
last seen woned
The argument is a part of the player nickname you look for, i.e. "niro" or "woned". Shows when the players has been last seen.

grep - Global Regular Expression Print

players list
The argument is a valid Perl Compatible Regular Expression. It's the most interesting command. It shows all online players matching specified regular expression and the servers they're play on, i.e. "/~/" will show all players with tilde in it's nickname.

DSERS - grep /^~\|DS\|~.+/

players list - dsers
No arguments. This and the next commands are the examples of using grep so you can find clan players based on tags (CT, dBd, DS, ID, Sp, X and so on).

Don't forget you have to authenticate to use Custom Commands.