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Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress

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Rank Player Rounds Coredumps Coredumped Zones Teamkills Teamkilled Suicides Points Ladder
won lost Total %won total ave total ave ave total ave total ave total ave total ave sort
1Durf21927949843.98207 0.42216 0.43 0.215 0.0112 0.0279 0.16404 0.8126.64
2Zbraaaaa516711843.2225 0.2125 0.21 0.062 0.021 0.0158 0.4946 0.3922.20
3-|Kunsgnos|-6711618336.6157 0.3175 0.41 0.102 0.016 0.0348 0.26109 0.6020.06
4TheGamerTheBest347310731.7813 0.1215 0.14 0.314 0.044 0.0437 0.3520 0.1918.75

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