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Crazy Tronners Authentication How to Page - English

You are not logged in. Register if you have no account yet or log in to let me personalize this message for you. :-)
So, you want to use our armathentication authority, great! Smile Parts of this tutorial are specific for using @ct authority and do not relate to other places for authentication. These are simple steps how to make it working.

Arrow First of all you have to own an account on the forums - register here. If you're already registered, check the following list for your username.

If your username is not listed, you have to log out and then log in again so the database can generate proper checksum.
There are a few different ways that you can go about authenticating
ArrowUsing any version of tron from 0.2.7 to (Current stable version of tron)
ArrowUsing an alpha version of or Alpha version of 0.3

Using 0.2.7 to

Note: Using this method will rename you to what your forum name is; this is due to the lack of authentication support in the builds prior to and including that latest stable version.

You can log in using previous armagetron advanced build, but it's not recommended since older version uses less secure method to send passwords to the authority. Say /login your_username@ct and wait for auth menu Smile

Make sure your forum name is correct and type in your password

Arrow The console message will tell you that you are identified or not.

Using an alpha build

Note: Some of these builds are not stable, use at your own risk.

Arrow Grab latest armagetron advanced build (select an 0.2.8 dated on 2008-02-17 or newer or if you prefer 0.3 select an 0.3 that is r7930 or higher) from here. Install it and run.

Arrow Go to Player Setup -> Player 1 Settings and fill the Global ID field with your_username@ct. Note this is case sensitive, so P4 and p4 are two different users.

Arrow Connect to one of the servers that are armathentication enabled, in example Fortress Cafe. Go to in-game menu and choose Authentication. This menu item will be displayed only on servers that support authentication.
Some servers may use old code. You cannot use "-" character in the authority URL on such servers. This was solved in revision 8199. Server admins should update their binaries. (v 2008-03-09 or newer). For some time you mustn't use notation. Use @ct instead (or if you're a member of CT clan - @ct/jedi, @ct/leader, @ct/seior, @ct/junior or @ct/trial accordingly)

Arrow After a while you should see another menu, fill it and press ENTER. If you don't see that menu, wait a round and try Authentication in-game menu again.

Arrow The console message will tell you that you are identified or not.

Some other things to note

ArrowBe careful picking forum names the login system does not support all characters

ArrowYou can see who's identified and who's not by saying /players

I hope it's clear now. Any question?

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